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Exclusive Hand-Crafted Beaded Jewelry

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  The Fifth Chakra; known as"Vishudda" as well as, "Akasha" or throat chakra meaning "extremely pure". Relates to communication and the ability to inner-stand, enabling one to speak inner truth purely.  {{{BHURD}}} BE UNIQUE!

Regions: Thyroid, Neck, Throat, Jaw, Mouth ( 5 )  

Element: Sound

Color: Blue


 "Each piece is unique" - AKING

1st Crown Collection

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                                    Darkened Peace Edition

"Through darkness, growth is nurtured beyond the site of the natural eyes. Peace is amplified within the Minds eye." - AKING

Code_ DP-1   Length_ 23 1_2
Code_ DP-2   Length_ 22
Code_ DP-3    Length_ 23 1_2
(Sold/Display) Code_ DP-4    Length_ 24
Code_ DP-5    Length_ 24
Code_ DP-6    Length_ 24
Darkened Peace

               Golden Thoughts Edition

"Being mindful of all creations, knowing the     sum is one." - AKING

(Sold/Display) Code_ GT-1   Length_ 23
Code_ GT-2   Length_ 24
Code_ GT-3   Length_ 24 1_2
Code_ GT-4   Length_ 25
(Sold/Display) Code: GT-5   Length: 22
Golden Thoughts

              Life Circle Edition

"Attracting & Gravitating..." -AKING

Code: LC-5   Length: 22 1/2
Code: LC-4   Length: 23
Code: LC-3   Length: 23 1/2
Code: LC-2   Length: 27
Code: LC-1   Length: 24
Life Circle

                        Snow Moon Edition

"Self-reflecting Sol inventory; restoration, clarity, motivation & strength in Spirit." - AKING

Code_ SM-5   Length_ 24
Code_ SM-4   Length_ 24 1_2
Code_ SM-3   Length_ 22 1_2
Code_ SM-2   Length_ 24 1_2
(Sold/Display) Code_ SM-1    Length_ 21
Snow Moon

              Eyes Upon Time Edition

"A mission of purpose is developed through   experiences in time...timing. - AKING 

Eyes Upon Time
Code: EUT-7   Length_ 25 1_2
Code: EUT-6   Length_ 24 1_2
Code: EUT-5   Length_ 25
Code: EUT-4   Length_ 24 1_2
Code: EUT-3   Length_ 25
Code: EUT-2   Length_ 25
Code: EUT-1   Length_24

                  Purified Minds Edition

"The thoughts that manifest reveal presence. Mentally shape the clay given." -AKING

Code: PM-4   Length: 23
Code: PM-3   Length: 23 1/2
Code: PM-2   Length: 24
Code: PM-1   Length: 22 1/2
Purified Minds

            Spiritual Nucleus Edition

"The essence of all lies within all." - AKING

Code: SPN-4   Length_ 24
Code: SPN-3   Length_ 23
Code: SPN-2   Length_ 23 1_2
Code: SPN-1   Length_ 23
Spiritual Nucleus


"Trusting the voice that speaks to and through your true being." - AKING

($37} Code: BH-11 Length: 23
{$28}  Code: BH-10 Length: 23 1/2
{$28}  Code: BH-9   Length: 24 1/2
{$28}  Code: BH-8   Length: 26 1/2
(Sold/Display)  {$37} Code: BH-7   Length: 21
(Sold/Display)  {$37} Code: BH-6   Length: 26
(Sold/Display) {$37} Code: BH-5   Length: 26
(Sold/Display) {$28} Code: BH-4   Length: 22
(Sold/Display) {$28} Code: BH-3   Length: 24
(Sold/Display) {$28} Code: BH-2   Length: 24 1/2
(Sold/Display) {$28} Code: BH-1   Length: 26


She is...

King Creations

Ci'Omasia    Collection

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